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Forget everything you know about hearing aids.

More than 33 million Americans experience hearing loss. However, 83% do not own a hearing aid. Studies have proven that hearing loss can have a profound impact on an individual's emotional, physical and social well being.

People with hearing loss are more likely to report symptoms of depression, dissatisfaction with life, reduced functional health and withdrawal from social activities. Don't let yourself be counted in that number!

GOhear has broken the mold with BREAKTHROUGH advancements for hearing aids.

Today, GOhear's revolutionary NEW PROCESS gives you personalized, state of the art digital hearing aids in about just 1 hour. Save money and get your hearing aids at one of our hearing aid dispensing locations!

It's these same technological advancements that have made it possible for GOhear to COST ONLY $750 (MSRP) each, UP TO 70% LESS than other advanced digital hearing aids.

Hidden behind the ear, GOhear hearing aids are of the HIGHEST QUALITY. They contain speech recognition technology and an advanced noise reduction system, backed by our money-back guarantee!


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